Things to Do In Barbados

Things to Do In Barbados

When talking about a perfect getaway in Barbados, there is more than just the sun and the beach. Many fun holiday seekers are missing out the chance of getting the real taste of the Caribbean Island because they don’t have any idea about the many interesting things that Barbados can offer. The Island will surely keep your entire stay busy and full of activities.

Here are some of the great things to do when you get to Barbados:

1. Explore the Island

Take a great day trip and explore the Caribbean Island. Discover the secrets of Barbados and its nature and wildlife. Whether you hire a car for a land trip or go sailing, you will run across the many spectacular views of Barbados. Don’t forget to drop by Harrison’s Cave for a more intense nature experience. Other must see great spots are the St. Nicholas Abbey and Earthworks Pottery.

2. Go for Underwater Adventure

What is more exciting that getting into the island waters for some scuba diving and snorkeling? You can indulge in an underwater experience and get the chance to see live corals and shipwrecks and swim with the turtles. For a luxurious underwater adventure, you can also go for a submarinetrip and explore the bottom of the sea without getting wet.

3. Go for a Relaxing Lunch Cruise

If you want something relaxing and cozy, a lunch cruise will do. You can spend a few hours or even a day on board being served with some sumptuous lunch. You can sit back and get a glass of wine while savoring the entire island view. Most cruises have stops along the way that gives the guests a good time to swim and have a feel of the crystal clear waters.

4. Experience the Thrill

For thrill seekers, Barbados has something for you. Adventure activities such as hiking, horseback and ATV riding can also be experienced in Barbados. You can enjoy an on the road all terrain tour experience and explore the island off its waters. An aerial Zipline adventure is available in the forested side of the island.Barbados also offers surfing lessons and other water sports activities for sport fanatics.

5. Some Evening Fun

In Barbados, what comes after the sunset? The awesome nightlife, The Island gets even livelier after hours. Caribbean Island dinner shows are all over. A great beach ambiance under a star-filled sky, fresh and delicious cooked meals and some lively music can make your Barbados night experience one of a kind. Sports bars and clubs are having parties like no other.

6.  Festivals Fanatics

For each season of the year, the fun and activities in the Island never stop. Different festivals are being held showcasing the culture, art and music of Barbados. Huge street carnival and colorful danceactivities happen during the summer months. You should not miss such a one of a kind experience when you get to the beautiful island of Barbados.


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