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Things to Do In Barbados

When talking about a perfect getaway in Barbados, there is more than just the sun and the beach. Many fun holiday seekers are missing out the chance of getting the real taste of the Caribbean Island because they don’t have any idea about the many interesting things that Barbados can offer. The Island will surely ... Read More »

November 7, 2013 ·

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Things to Do In Barbados

Get Your Kicks on Route 66- The Great American Journey

Diners serving milkshakes and fruit pies, neon-lit motels, remote gas stations and vintage signs- America’s mother road, Route 66, is the epitome of all things vintage Americana. Symbolising the open road and endless possibilities, the road has gained iconic status in popular culture and has appeared everywhere from TV and film to literature and music; ... Read More »

October 19, 2012 ·

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Lake Garda by Train: What You Need to Know

If any country in the world has a reputation for a sense of style, it is Italy. From the spectacular ancient Roman ruins, the gastronomic delights of its cuisine, the fashionably chic inhabitants, the marvel of Venice and the historical wonder of the world that is the city of Rome, there are a number of ... Read More »

August 30, 2012 ·

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5 Easy Ways to Make Money For a last minute holiday

When you have the chance of an unexpected holiday it can be a great opportunity to get away from it all.  Using price-comparison sites such as MoneySupermarket can ensure that you are getting the best deals on travel. If you still need to get some money together to pay for your holiday, here are a ... Read More »

July 22, 2012 ·

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Rainforest river Peru Cuzco to Boca Manu

6 things to make a long haul flight better

Sometimes the most amazing places are inconveniently the furthest away, meaning hours of plane travel. For some this is the worst possible nightmare, being limited to the confinement of a cramped plane sat amongst complete and utter strangers.

July 10, 2012 ·

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A Day Out in My Favorite Town, Dahlonega, Georgia

Located near the North Georgia Mountains, Dahlonega, Georgia, is my favorite town and is a lesser known tourist attraction. With countless restaurants, shops, and historical sights, it is a marvelous place to take a day trip. Dahlonega is most known as the first major site in the Georgia Gold Rush starting in 1828, and is ... Read More »

April 30, 2012 ·

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A Day Out In Toronto

Toronto is one of the greatest cities in the World. I am thankful to call it home. Toronto is one of the few cities in the world where you can experience many different cultures without leaving the city. Koreatown, Little Italy, Chinatown, Little India, and Little Portugal are only a few of the “countries” you ... Read More »

April 10, 2012 ·

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A Weekend in Marshall, Michigan

Originally, I am from Battle Creek but I have now adopted nearby Marshall, Michigan as my hometown as well as my residence. As a stay at home mom with two sons and a husband who works full time, weekends tend to go by quickly, but I look forward to each and every one. It’s a ... Read More »

March 30, 2012 ·

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