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5 Easy Ways to Make Money For a last minute holiday

When you have the chance of an unexpected holiday it can be a great opportunity to get away from it all.  Using price-comparison sites such as MoneySupermarket can ensure that you are getting the best deals on travel. If you still need to get some money together to pay for your holiday, here are a few ways to earn some extra cash.


Selling Online

Have a search around the house for things to sell. We all collect clutter or have things we don’t use anymore which may fetch a tidy sum on auction sites such as eBay. All sorts of things can be sold in this way, such as exercise equipment, clothes, furniture and ornaments. You can also check out alternative sites such as Gumtree or Amazon.

Sell unused DVDs, CDs and games though websites such as Music Magpie, which will provide an upfront quote for your items.


Car Boot Sales

If you can’t wait for buyers to find you, then why not go to them? Take a pitch at a car-boot sale to sell all your unwanted goods. As the day progresses you can reduce your prices if necessary or offer everything on your pitch as a job lot to other traders.


Making Money from Hobbies

If you have a hobby which involves making creative items you could sell your goods to others through social-networking sites, craft fairs or work contacts. There are also websites where you can create your own craft shop to sell your products. Sellable craft items include cards, scrap book albums, candles, jewellery and knitted goods.


Extra Work

Working as a film or TV extra is a great part-time job and you can earn around £80 per day. Weekend working is quite common so this is a job which you can fit in around your existing work commitments. Production companies hire extras through agencies. You will be asked to sign up online and upload photos of yourself to the site along with details of your availability. Companies can then search the database to find suitable people to fill their vacancies. The hours can be quite long so you should be prepared for plenty of waiting around.


Sell Your Skills

Do you love kids? Then offer your babysitting services to friends and neighbours. If you love dogs there are lots of busy people who will pay a walker to take their dog out for them or look after them while they are away. You could also provide a house-sitting service or offer to do cleaning.


Leaflet your area or put cards in the windows of your local newsagent. There are also many different agencies who will find work for you and deal with payment. In return, they will take a small commission from your earnings.


Once you have started to make some extra cash, the most important thing to do is to set it aside for your holiday. If you have the time you can make your money go further by putting it into an Isa or high-interest savings account.


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